Should I keep studying computer science if I hate it?

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    Should I keep studying computer science if I hate it?

    Deciding whether to continue studying computer science despite disliking it can be a tough choice. To help you make an informed decision, we've gathered insights from 12 professionals, including CEOs, founders, and community experts. From assessing reasons and exploring options to following your heart and not feeling obligated, discover their diverse perspectives on this important question.

    • Assess Reasons and Explore Options
    • Don't Continue in a Hated Field
    • Consider Related Fields
    • School vs Real-World Passion
    • Balance Practical Goals and Fulfillment
    • Follow Instincts and Pursue Passion
    • Align With Career Plans or Reassess
    • Test the Waters With a Side Hustle
    • Evaluate Long-Term Benefits
    • Explore Unconventional Opportunities
    • Don't Force It, Explore Alternatives
    • Follow Your Heart, Not Obligation

    Assess Reasons and Explore Options

    If you hate computer science, it's important to assess the reasons. Maybe you simply don't enjoy the particular course or subject you are currently studying, or you are struggling to keep up with the pace and demand of the course.

    If it's the former, consider exploring other branches of computer science that may suit your interests better. If it's the latter, seek additional support and resources to help you succeed. Finally, if you still find that computer science is truly not for you, it's perfectly okay to pivot and explore other fields that align better with your passions and strengths.

    Jefferson McCall
    Jefferson McCallCo-Founder & HR Head, TechBullish

    Don't Continue in a Hated Field


    You should not continue to study computer science if you hate it. If you are studying computer science and you hate it, then you will hate working in this industry even more.

    If you want to focus on something else, then put all of your efforts into that something else, instead of studying something that makes you miserable.

    I think that one of the most important things in life is doing what makes you happy, and I would encourage anyone who feels like they are stuck in a career path that makes them unhappy to break free from it and pursue their passions instead.

    Piotr Buczynski
    Piotr BuczynskiSEO Researcher, Passport Photo Online

    Consider Related Fields

    Many computer science students are mathematicians, computer geeks, or gaming nerds that fell in love with the data or the machines. If you hate the computer science course you undertook, consider pivoting to a more exciting but related field like cybersecurity, game development, or data science. Shifting your focus to these new fields can reignite your passion and lead you to a successful career.

    Liam Liu
    Liam LiuCo-Founder and CMO, ParcelPanel

    School vs Real-World Passion

    I loved computers before going to Computer Science school. Then college almost made me hate computers. What I was taught in school had nothing to do with the computers I knew and loved. That didn't stop me from finishing college with a bachelor's degree. Why? Because what you learn in school is just a limited part of what computers are capable of today.

    Ask yourself, “Do I hate computers or what they teach me in school?” They're two different things. School is anything but cutting edge. Computers are so much more and there's a big chance you'll find your passion in thousands of different jobs that revolve more or less around computers.

    I'm saying all this because I spent my 20-year career doing what I liked, things I hated, and things that didn't bother me, while also not being truly passionate about. I'm still finding new and exciting computer niches while I get bored with old computer tricks I've played for too long. You may find the same is true for you.

    Ionut-Alexandru Popa
    Ionut-Alexandru PopaEditor in Chief and CEO, JPG MEDIA SRL

    Balance Practical Goals and Fulfillment

    If you hate studying computer science but see the potential benefits, such as a high-paying job or early financial independence, consider sticking with it. However, it's important to balance pursuing practical goals and finding personal fulfillment.

    Keep in mind that it's possible to achieve financial stability in other fields that might be a better fit for your passions and interests. Ultimately, the choice depends on your priorities and long-term objectives.

    Max Desiak
    Max DesiakCo-Founder & Marketing Strategist, Spreadsheet Daddy

    Follow Instincts and Pursue Passion

    Based on my personal experience, studying computer science initially did not bring me much joy. However, after switching to studying data science, I found more enjoyment in my work and am now considering entrepreneurship.

    If you hate studying computer science, I recommend not forcing yourself to continue. Pursuing a passion is essential for finding long-term happiness and success. Trust your instincts and pursue the path that inspires you the most.

    Lana Gerton
    Lana GertonCEO, Founder, LANA

    Align With Career Plans or Reassess

    If you hate studying computer science, but you have a clear career plan that requires a computer science degree, then you should continue studying. It is important to have a long-term goal and understand the practical applications of what you are learning.

    However, if you do not have a specific career plan that requires a computer science degree, you might switch majors or take a break from school to reassess your interests and goals. It is important to find a career path that you are passionate about and enjoy, as this will lead to a more fulfilling and successful future.

    Basana Saha
    Basana SahaFounder, KidsCareIdeas

    Test the Waters With a Side Hustle

    Personally, I recommend starting a side hustle that interests you and testing the waters first. For example, if you don't like computer science, but do like to write, you can look into starting a blog or writing about computer science.

    You can build something and ensure you like it before you move on from the degree. However, if you are darn sure of your interests, ‌do it. Degrees are useless in today's world if you're good at your skills.

    Chhavi Agarwal
    Chhavi AgarwalCo-Founder & Owner, Mrs Daaku Studio

    Evaluate Long-Term Benefits

    If you truly hate computer science, it might not be worth forcing yourself to continue studying it. However, before you decide, consider the long-term benefits that come with a computer science degree or background. The industry is constantly growing and there are many career opportunities available, many of which offer high salaries and job security.

    Computer science skills can apply to a variety of fields, such as finance, healthcare, and marketing. If you decide to pursue something else, consider incorporating technology and coding into your work to stay competitive in today's job market.

    Tarun Saha
    Tarun SahaCo-Founder & CEO, StallionZo

    Explore Unconventional Opportunities

    As a recruiter, I would suggest no one sticks with a field they hate.

    However, before giving up on that computer science degree, make sure you've considered all the doors it might open. The sector is growing exponentially in some unexpected ways.

    For example, climate change modeling is getting more and more precise thanks to big data, and you'd be working closely with the scientists taking samples. This kind of work can feel a lot more fulfilling than traditional coding. The study of virus spread is another rewarding opportunity in computer science right now.

    If you're looking to make a difference in the world, computer science might be just the degree you need.

    Tim Walsh
    Tim WalshFounder, Vetted

    Don't Force It, Explore Alternatives

    You shouldn't force yourself to study subjects you hate. There are many career paths out there that don't require a strong background in computer science, even within the tech industry. You're also less likely to excel in a field where you dislike the material. If you aren't enjoying computer science, look into other fields that may be better aligned with your interests.

    Hamid Pishdadian
    Hamid PishdadianCEO and Co-Founder, SQE Holdings

    Follow Your Heart, Not Obligation

    Life's too short to waste it on something you hate. If you don't have any interest in computer science and studying it gives you nothing but negative emotions, there's no point in continuing. Also, feeling that way, you'd unlikely be motivated enough to complete your degree. And even if you somehow did it, you might find yourself stuck in a job you can't stand. A vicious cycle.

    It's ok to quit. Don't blame yourself for not finishing what you started. Focus on your interests, desires, and strengths instead. It will let you pursue a field you genuinely enjoy, giving you satisfaction and joy. While it can be a cliché line, listening to your heart never gets old—whether it comes to professional or private life choices.

    Agata Szczepanek
    Agata SzczepanekCommunity Manager, MyPerfectResume

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